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Curious to know when the Virginia bar exam results will be released?

Generally speaking, the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners (“VBBE”) releases the July results in October and the February results in April.  The anticipated release day is usually announced at the end of the exam administration (at some point during the second day of the exam, it will be announced by one of the Board members).

The February 2019 Virginia Bar Exam is scheduled for February 26th and 27th.  Deadline to file your application is December 17, 2018*.

(*Please note that the statutory deadline to file your application is on Saturday, December 15, 2018.  Since it falls on a Saturday, the Board extended the deadline to Monday, December 17, 2018.)


Historical Release Dates

If you’re an average Bar exam taker, you likely want to know the actual date the results were released for past exams in comparison to the anticipated Bar exam release date for your exam.  Therefore, to help calm your anxious nerves – because we fully understand – we did some research and prepared the table below.

Test AdministrationAnticipated Release DateActual Release DateDifference in Days
2007 - JulyFri, Oct. 19thWed, Oct. 17th2 Days Early
2008 - JulyFri, Oct. 17thThur, Oct. 16th1 Day Early
2009 - JulyFri, Oct. 16thThur, Oct. 15th1 Day Early
2010 - JulyWed, Oct. 20thWed, Oct. 20thNone
2011 - JulyFri, Oct. 14thFri, Oct. 14thNone
2012 - FebruaryThur, Apr. 26thWed, Apr. 25th1 Day Early
2012 - JulyFri, Oct. 12thThur, Oct. 11th1 Day Early
2013 - FebruaryFri, Apr. 26thThur, Apr. 25th1 Day Early
2013 - JulyThur, Oct. 31stThur, Oct. 31stNone
2014 - FebruaryFri, Apr. 25thThur, Apr. 24th1 Day Early
2014 - JulyFri, Oct. 17thThur, Oct. 16th1 Day Early
2015 - FebruaryFri, Apr. 17thFri, Apr. 17thNone
2015 - JulyFri, Oct. 30thFri, Oct. 30thNone
2016 - FebruaryFri, Apr. 22ndFri, Apr. 22ndNone
2016 - JulyFri, Oct. 21stThur, Oct. 20th1 Day Early
2017 - FebruaryFri, Apr. 14thFri, Apr. 14thNone
2017 - JulyFri, Oct. 27thFri, Oct. 27thNone
2018 - JulyFri, Oct. 19thTBDTBD

Please note that the information above is just for informational purposes and may be inaccurate.  We tried our best to research this information from comments made over time on various forums on the internet.  Take the information above with a grain of salt.  Even if the information is accurate –  remember past actions is not indicative of how the VBBE may act in the future.