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Exam Essay Topics to Study

According to the Virginia Board of Bar Examiners, the Virginia bar exam essay topics are:

  1. Agency
  2. Business Organizations
  3. Conflict of Laws
  4. Constitutional Law
  5. Contracts
  6. Creditor’s Rights
  7. Criminal Law
  8. Domestic Relations
  9. Equity
  10. Evidence
  11. Federal Practice and Procedure
  12. Local Government Law
  13. Professional Responsibility
  14. Real Property
  15. Personal Property
  16. Sales
  17. Taxation
  18. Torts
  19. Trusts
  20. Uniform Commercial Code
  21. Virginia Civil Procedure (including appellate practice)
  22. Criminal Procedure (including appellate practice)
  23. Wills and Estate Administration

How the Essay Topics are Tested

The Board does not provide how it plans to test a particular essay topic on an exam.  Therefore, your goal should be to prepare for every topic that can potentially be tested.  Do not waste precious time in trying to figure out what the Board will probably test on the next exam.  Instead, focus your time on one thing – studying!

The Board can test one or several topics on any given essay question.  An essay question, for example, can test torts, agency, and real property.  Alternatively, an essay can just test domestic relations.

The ten short answer questions are likely to cover topics that may or may not have already been tested in the nine essay questions.


Prepare for every topic that can be tested on the exam!  You do not want to feel unprepared or surprised during the exam because you thought a topic would not be tested.