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Formula to Remember

(Scaled Essay Score) x .60 + (Scaled MBE Score) x .40 = Total Scaled Score

To pass the Virginia Bar Exam you need a total scaled score of at least 140.

The formula noted above explains that your scaled essay score makes up 60% of the exam and your scaled MBE score makes up 40% your total scaled score.

It’s worth mentioning that unlike many other jurisdictions, you do not need a minimum MBE score to pass. You just need to obtain a total scaled score of at least 140.

Essay Section

Make sure you keep track of your time!

Each essay is worth a total of ten (10) points.  That’s right – hard or easy – each essay is worth ten points. Even the short answer section of the exam is worth ten points as a whole.

Therefore, the maximum raw essay score you can achieve is 100.

Calculating Your Scaled Essay Score

Don’t waste your precious time trying to figure this out.

There is a formula used by the Board that converts your raw essay score into a scaled essay score.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much insight on that formula or how the raw essay score is converted into a scaled essay score. Once it is converted, the Board multiplies the scaled essay score by 60%. The result is used towards calculating the 140 scaled score.

MBE Section

The NCBE provides your scaled MBE score to the Board.  The Board then multiples the scaled MBE score by 40%. The result is used towards calculating the 140 scaled score.