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When you don’t know a Virginia Rule

What to do when you don’t know a Virginia Rule You probably want a straightforward easy answer to this issue, but the bad news is that there isn’t one.  You have probably heard quite often that if you don’t know a Virginia rule for an essay, then make it up.  However, it cannot be stressed enough […]

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Issue Spotting on Virginia Bar Exam Essays

The Good News You do not need to do issue spotting on Virginia Bar Exam essay questions in the same sense as you did on law school essays! On the Virginia Bar Exam, the issue has already been pointed out to you in the question they are asking of you to answer.  Below are some sample question stems […]

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How to Write a Virginia Bar Exam Essay Question

IRAC vs. CREAC Throughout law school, you probably have learned either IRAC or CREAC.  Both are perfect for law school essays where you spot the issue, state the rule, analyze the legal issue based on the rule, and finally state a conclusion. CRAC Essays that appear on the Virginia bar exam, however, do not require […]

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